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Uysal Hidrolik moves forward with the best Production Technology in the industry.
In an area of 15,000 m² in Büsan Industrial Zone; We provide services throughout Turkey and abroad, maintaining our leadership in the sector with the production of more than 1,500 types of products.
48 Countries
126 Cities
574 Customers
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With completely domestic production quality...
Company Profile
Company Profile
Uysal Hydraulic Improves Production Technology

Uysal Hydraulics, which started its activity in 1997 in Konya, develops Uysal Hydraulic Production Technology in a 10,000 m² area in the Industrial Zone where we come from today; trailer swivels, trailer lifts, trailer wheels, trailer wheels, trailer jack, trailer jack, with more than 1,500 kinds of product manufacturing, such as trailer control arm, trailer pore and all body equipment, it continues its leadership in the sector and serves in general and abroad in Turkey Uysal Hydraulic, which has a rapidly developing success chart in product quality and technical service to its customers, successfully maintains a highly professional and corporate development process in its sector with its experienced and professional employees.

Uysal hydraulics puts the responsibility towards man and him as the basic element in all its works. In addition, with its overseas service, Uysal Hydraulic is proud to carry its quality outside the borders of the country and thus contribute to the economy of our country.

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